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14 January, 2007 at 6:18 pm (knitting, personal, Schooling)


Let me run down this last year’s hoilday Knitting Failures.

1. I attempted to knit a hat for my friend, who we’ll call J. J has a head of normal size, and I planned a lovely, machine washable double knit hat. It took a long time, as most of the work was done during the weeks of finals, and I cast it off a few days after I had wanted to. It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit at all.

2. I attempted to knit Sophie for another friend, Jo. I wanted to make it kind of different, as Jo has a bent for cutesy-artsy type things. I did some colourwork, it looked great…on one side (but hey, it was my very first colourwork…I was still pretty proud). I still haven’t felted the bag, and I may just go buy her something.

3. I, uh…everyone else got gift cards.

Last semester is over, and I am glad. The new semester has begun though, and I blame it for my absence of late. I just finished up an intro Geology course on Friday. Have y’all ever taken a pre-session course? A couple years ago, I took pre-session ASL I, and it was EASY. The course work was minimal, there were only two tests including the final – piece of cake. So this year, in order to fulfill the natural sciences requirement for my Uni, and to avoid the seperate class and lab combination that consumes so much excess time, D. and I decided to take pre-session Earth, Sci and Env. – it ran every weekday from the 2nd to the 12th, from 8AM to noon, and we knew we would hate it, but by doing so, we not only took care of that nat. science requirement, we could also avoid getting up early for the rest of the semester (!!!). I will NEVER DO IT AGAIN. At least, not with anything but a fluff class. The getting up early sucked, but it was nothing compared to the TIME outside of class we devoted to it. Everyday, there was a fifty-question quiz. There were three-hour lectures everyday. There were four papers. There was a 200 question final. It was awful. I cried, I bled, I didn’t sleep. I’m so very glad it’s over. The rest of the semester? I’m looking forward to it. Of the 3 courses I have left, only one meets regularly (twice a week), one meets monthly, and another doesn’t meet at all (much thanks to whoever created cable TV and the internet). Maintaining full time schedule while having just minimal classes? Wonderful. Absolutely priceless.

In knitting news, I’m working on a nice, simple feather-and-fan wrap (saw the pattern somewhere on KP) in Andean Treasure in Fog.

(A nice, pr0ny picture.)

A pleasently relaxing project.

And there’s not much going on besides that, for now. Classes do start on Tuesday, but as I said above, piece of cake.

So, I’m off to update my photo blog, and then I think I’ll make fajitas. Sweet.

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A Quick Update

5 November, 2006 at 7:40 pm (CARSEARCH!, knitting, Lacevember, personal, yarn)

Today concludes the Great Car Search Weekend. What fun! *sarcasm!* I have looked at SO. MANY. CARS. I spent most of Thursday, all of Friday, a better part of Saturday and this afternoon, but I have a car.

This is my old car, ‘Mo-car the Escort:

He was wonderful, and I’ll miss him.

Here is my adorable new car, who hasn’t been named yet:

A bright red Chevy Metro 2 door hatchback. Yummy. So cute and tiny, and she runs great (AND she fit my budget!) And the fuel economy? Yay!

She makes ‘Mo-car look huge.

(I guess I should explain some more: earlier this week, ‘Mo-car started rattling terribly, shaking and rocking. The brakes suddenly don’t work so well – I have to floor them, or I will hit things. My dad (a mechanic) says the repairs would cost somewhere in the $800 range. I love ‘Mo-car to death, he’s been good to me, and we’ve had some great times. I wrecked him when I was sixteen, and [after some somewhat pricey repairs] he still stayed with me. But just in the last six months, I’ve put over a thousand bucks into repairing him. It’s time to move on. 😦 I love you, ‘Mo-car, and I thank you for all the happy times.)

(Can you tell I get attached to my cars? I spend so much time in my car, it becomes a mini-home. Yes, I name them. Yes, I’m a loser. 🙂 )

In between car shopping, I have done some extensive yarn organization.

What’s that? *double-take* YARN ORGANIZATION???

Yep. Now, I don’t have many “before” pictures. It was a travesty, and certainly not photographable.

This was the main basket. It’s a GIGANTIC laundry basket, stuffed full and over flowing. The HL sack in front were full of an afghan in progress, and the cardboard box next to it was full of miscellaneous bits and pieces.

These baskets (partially hidden in the tiny, overstuffed closet) were full of yarn, with a few bits of fabric.

So, I’ve hung some shelves! Yay!

This is where the laundry basket used to sit. Better, eh? That top shelf is full of Classic Wool and some little bits. The second is a few random bits, and the bottom is tools, cottons, some hemp, etc. Those bags next to it hold WIPs.

This is above that. The bottom shelf is all sock yarn, the second is lace and some random chenilles and stuff. The top two are acrylics and novelty yarns.

And this, this is my favourite:

It’s just good stuff. We had to work to mount those cubes, as they’re meant to stand on the floor, but it’s full of worsted weights, mostly naturals, and mostly with plans. The rods holding it up will hold a clothes rod, for blocking purposes. The shevles below are just multi-purpose. Lots of knitting things, along with all the candles, incense, etc. I love organization. 😀

So, what with the car shopping and shelf hanging, this is the first time I’ve gotten to mention Lacevember! I’m making Marnie’s Scarf with KP Shadow. I haven’t gotten far, but here it is:

And that’s all for now. Keep cool, folks!

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Blog: Take 2

9 October, 2006 at 12:07 pm (knitting, RAK, spinning, swaps, yarn)

I think I hate blogger. It discourages me from blogging. So, we’re giving wordpress a try. So far, I like it.

Where have I been? Well, not far, mostly here, actually. Classes are going okay, although I think the novelty of college has finally worn off. I’ve been searching for a new job (because if I don’t move out of my parent’s house, I may hurt somebody), but have been unsucessful thus far. My current job is running me ragged – in the past few months I’ve gone from being a clerk to being everybody’s understudy, and taking over tasks as co-workers quit or cut back on their work loads. The parents’ store isn’t going so well. They remain optimistic, but after four months or so, they’re having to borrow money from me and sell things just to keep the doors open (I believe the average day’s sales amount to something like $10…).

Now, onto the knitting content.

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