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9 October, 2006 at 12:07 pm (knitting, RAK, spinning, swaps, yarn)

I think I hate blogger. It discourages me from blogging. So, we’re giving wordpress a try. So far, I like it.

Where have I been? Well, not far, mostly here, actually. Classes are going okay, although I think the novelty of college has finally worn off. I’ve been searching for a new job (because if I don’t move out of my parent’s house, I may hurt somebody), but have been unsucessful thus far. My current job is running me ragged – in the past few months I’ve gone from being a clerk to being everybody’s understudy, and taking over tasks as co-workers quit or cut back on their work loads. The parents’ store isn’t going so well. They remain optimistic, but after four months or so, they’re having to borrow money from me and sell things just to keep the doors open (I believe the average day’s sales amount to something like $10…).

Now, onto the knitting content.

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